Tomos new brkn switch

ok so I guess I'm the only person in the entire world who just can't seem to understand how the zadi key switch on my arrow r moped works. Ok so it broke and it just spins in circles making connection then not making connection so I took it apart and I lost 2 ball bearings and a spring but anyways i found another switch that has the letters and numbers -M +M 1 2 so I just can't figure out what wires are connected to what I don't understand the wiring diagram like when pink yellow wires connect does the brown and black & white wires connect or is the yellow and black and white wires connect I just can't seem to figure out how to make it work? I need some serious help can anyone shine some light on me that'd be more than appreciated please someone's gotta be able to break it down for me so like a 3 year old could understand please FUCK*N HELP ME!


Re: Tomos new brkn switch

ok so you're almost definitely better off replacing the switch, a new switch is liek 5 bucks. but the way that works if youre set on repairing it, the ball is helf in the selector by the swpring and pops out against the terminals which just clamp the wires.

i definitely didn't have all the wires you're talking about but if it's the light switch, ant ya just start the bike and connect wires until you have the desired effect?

on my arrow it was just one power wire and the switch selected whether it conencted to the high beam or low beam output that went straight to the headlight. unless we're lookin at some other switch

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I did try hooking up the wires that ate supposed to be o. the switch and I hooked them up wrong I guess because I popped 3 fused already and now the thing is I have blinkers, horn, brake & tail lights. The starter works I have a good battery that's got plenty of juice to engage the starter motor but now I'm not getting any spark. I have continuity when I touch red and black wires that come out of the coil i have continuity where the spark plug goes and the red wires coming from the coil. What am I doing wrong here? I have disconnected everything and I have no clue what to do now. I apologize for my incompetent issues but I had no one else to turn to for help its just me the bike and what little tools I have to work with I'm got a lot different firt bike motorcycle parts but no source of income. It was working perfect until the switch broke then I started connecting wires and now I fucked my only chance to make money by selling it this sucks big time I feel like just saying screw it if you can fix it or not take it cause I have no mechanical skills to do so I'm pretty bummed out on the whole situation I got here I need some know how friends to help me or friends in general would be awesome anyways thanks for your reply and any info that might help id send dome cash to you but I don't have none sorry.

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First to give you a little advice for future.always draw a diagram or take pictures before you start a project like you have.can you post some pics of the switch you need of more angles... i might have one i can send the switch pic you posted of the original switch or the one you installed? It is never a good idea to start wiring anything at random because it not only.does it make it hard for you to put it back as it should be it also makes it harder for someone to figure out where you might have made a mistake

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Take a look at the wiring diagram and go one wire at a time.

id concentrate on getting the bike running/working and eliminating that ignition switch. just go directly from stator to coil w nuthing else tied in.

Re: Tomos new brkn switch

So how would i go about doing that?

Re: Tomos new brkn switch

> Capt k Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> So how would i go about doing that?

It where the wiring diagram comes in handy . ;)

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I'm following the wiring diagram and but how would I check to see if there is spark coming off the coil?

Re: Tomos new brkn switch

Just put a nail or screw in the plug cap , hold it very close to the head and spin the motor .

Re: Tomos new brkn switch

Ok I'm gonna try that right now see what happens thank you I'll let you know what happens

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