Pinto Hardware List—Noob fastener questions.

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Anything that can be replaced as new or better I want to do it.

I’ve already found the Maxi hardware list, will the Pinto require all the same exact fasteners?

I’ve been looking at replacing all nuts bolts and studs. I’ve read that socket head screws are awesome. But so many different kinds.

Alloy? 18-8 stainless steel? Super corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel? High strength A286 stainless steel?

Then there’s low profile and flanged socket head screws.

They look interesting. Should I get em? Don’t do it? Any tips would be awesome. Thanks.

Re: Pinto Hardware List—Noob fastener questions.

just leave them alone.

Re: Pinto Hardware List—Noob fastener questions.

You can get whatever you want. There are typically 2 sizes. M5 and M6. There are a couple M8 and M10 as well but very few. I prefer the Allen bolts, and like the industrial look of the regular heads vs the flanged heads. But I did get some finishing washers for a build which looks real nice, especially on fenders.

I think a magnum, cobra, or free spirit diagram will give you the right bolts over the maxi.

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