Moped Won't Start

Hey everyone, I started rebuilding an old 2006 Yamaha vino moped and I am pretty sure everything is attached but it will not start. I have a new battery, new air filter, took out cleaned and put back all three jets (its a 125). All of the hoses are attached and all the electrical works out. I placed 2 Tablespoons of fuel behind the new spark plug to try to get it going and it fired but then quickly died after wards. It just will not start and when it does fire a nasty old smell fills the room.

Re: Moped Won't Start

You'll have better luck on man.

You have a modern four stroke scooter. This is a vintage two stroke pedal moped forum...look up "Puch maxi" and you'll see what kinda bikes we ride...original mopeds from the 70's

Not so say someone here won't be able to help, but it's not really what most of us have

Re: Moped Won't Start

Check the entire exhaust and airbox for a mouse nest/bird nest etc!

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And, if it's one of those 4-strokes with a cooling fan and an enclosed cylinder, pull off the cylinder shroud to look for further wildlife. Mice will pack your cooling fins with insulating material.

M Kinsler

Re: Moped Won't Start

Pushrod Fifty /

Sounds like you fouled your plug by adding oil to the cylinder. If the plug is oily it wont fire.

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Are you even getting gas flow? How rusty is your tank. Petcock could be all clogged up. Bad smell = bad, old gas. If you are smelling it, it is still there somewhere. Find it. Verify good, new, clean gas flow.

Re: Moped Won't Start

Christian Kyrmse /

You might want to check to see if the exhaust is clogged. My Honda express wouldn’t start because of a clogged exhaust. Also you may want to buy a new carb and petcock just to make sure you aren’t having any fuel delivery issues.

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I agree with bad gas in tank/petcock. Clean that shit out and make sure clear gas is flowing.

I bet your valves are out of adjustment too, but aside from having to remove a lot of plastic panels the valve adjustment is pretty easy on these if you have feeler gauges.

You have a modern 4 stroke scooter so there's not going to be a lot of help for you on this site, a scooter forum will be more helpful.

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