2008 Tomos A55 Clutch....is it adjustable?

Just got a 2008 Tomos LX with an A55 running. Jets in the carb were basically coated in jelly...lol. Got the tank soaking now. I was able to take her for a quick zip around the parking lot running fresh gas and filter before I took the tank off.

Anyways....I noticed during the trial run, first gear seemed to be slipping a bit as it got up to speed and before switching to second gear. Are there adjustments in this clutch? I'm not very savvy with the two speeds. Thought about taking it apart and giving a good cleaning. But kinda want to know what I'm getting into from you fine people before I do.

Seems like previous owners beat the ever lovin $h!t out of her before me taking over. Fairly confident she was used like, in the woods or something as a romper. I'm working on cleaning her up, replacing all the broken crap. But, the engine seems strong...so far. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Re: 2008 Tomos A55 Clutch....is it adjustable?

Dirty30 Dillon /

If you didn't check/change oil before riding that's a large possibility. Also, if it was neglected it could be that your friction material is gone. Either way, pulling the cover is the best way to diagnose any clutch issues.

There are no manual adjustments you can make to reduce slip, as it's actuation is based on centrifugal force and friction.

Re: 2008 Tomos A55 Clutch....is it adjustable?

Thanks! I'll take a look!

Re: 2008 Tomos A55 Clutch....is it adjustable?

I know that you can replace the spring in the 2nd speed clutch on the a35, but I'm not positive on the a55. Probably the same though. Treats has some springs at different stiffness you can try. The stock is going to engage the earliest and the stiffer the spring the later(higher rpm) it will grab and shift. Stock bikes may not be able to get the stiffest spring to engage fully.

Re: 2008 Tomos A55 Clutch....is it adjustable?

The existing trans fluid was at the proper level. It was pretty black and milky looking. I drained her real good and put fresh ATF Type F to the appropriate level. Did a 24 hour vinegar soak on the tank. She looks amazing now. Like bright shiny new metal. Installed a new fuel line again with inline filter from treats (the Italian one). Ran her this morning and she seems pretty strong. First plug chop looks good. Maybe a little light but I only ran her for about 3 minutes. I'll keep you posted. I'll probably pull the clutch cover at some point and at least give it a good cleaning with brake parts cleaner. I'm sure there is tons of dust/debris in there. A lot of times, a good cleaning makes a big difference.

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