Honda passport C70 rear tail light.

Jay De la rosa /

Hey mopedarmy,

I’ve got a 82 c70 passport. PO installed an aftermarket tailight. Noticed the brake light wasn’t on, burnt bulb. Replaced it lights work.

No here’s my problem. the taillight I have has 3 wires. Black, red and yellow. Off the harness it’s brown & green/yellow. So I hook up.

Black to ground, brown to yellow, red to green/yellow AND nothing.

So I try red to ground, yellow to brown and black to green/yellow. I have lights, BUT when I press the brake nothing.. I did vice versa as well still when I hit the brake nothing.

I checked if I have power going to the wire when the brake pedal is press and I have power. Installed a new brake switch etc. I’m kinda lost now. At the moment I have it wired so it’s just ON.

Any help would be great.

Re: Honda passport C70 rear tail light.

One bulb or two in fixture? Taillight bulb or filament should always be on when riding.

Re: Honda passport C70 rear tail light.

is it a standard bulb taillight? or some LED thing

you should be able to tell on a bulb one which wires go where, there will be the common ground and a power wire to either bulb - constant to tail and intermittent from the brake switches.

I'm not sure i acn be more helpful without looking at the wiring diagrams but you can find those without me

Re: Honda passport C70 rear tail light.

Pushrod Fifty /

First find ground with a multi meter and then find voltage from the other two leads for the tailight which comes on when the key is on, not needed to be running. The remaining wire is the brake, front or rear actuating should give voltage, engine running. I put a 60s Honda tailight on mine, looks cooler. Use an 1154 bulb 6V. 1983 is 12V.

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