Clutch or piston?

Francisco Rodriguez /

Hello I recently upgraded my za50 puck 2 big bore kit with a new carburetor as I was writing it it felt like the clutch seized up on me I tried to peddle and pull the clutch to start it and as I pull the clutch the pedal stop moving. I can't get it started. Any idea on what it is ? I hope it's at the piston.... Thanks guys

Re: Clutch or piston?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Congratulations, you seized your bike

Re: Clutch or piston?

Overpriced Parts /

> Dirty30 Dillon Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Congratulations, you seized your bike

Yup hi unchecked timing, incorrect jetting, not prepped kit, possible air leaks and or too low of gearing and not protected by a temperature gauge = heat = seize

Re: Clutch or piston?

Hepatitis J [OFMC] /

Hell yeah

Re: Clutch or piston?

Sorry Francisco, I agree with the others. Get the cylinder pulled off and see if it can be saved. Probably not tho. I advise grabbing the TCCD kit from or the DMP kit from dos cycles. Both are inexpensive kits and easy to learn and work with.

Re: Clutch or piston?

wait, as you were writing this happened? was it even running after mods?

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