1980 Garelli rally sport-no power ?

Took the carb off Dellorto 14.12, looks like its off a Tomos is my guess-has the round plastic air filter cover and u shaped spring. This bike is the 30mph 2hp version. I found it has a 57 main jet and from what i've read my bike should have a 50 or 52-is this correct ?

I also put the correct Sae 30w non detergent trans fluid in-looked like it had something green like 2 stroke in it ugh ! Also the exhaust is not plugged up at all, engine runs like its dragging down, won't idle or rev high ??? Any help appreciated, Marty

Re: 1980 Garelli rally sport-no power ?

Whatever was on the tranny before could have messed up the rubber clutch.

First I would double check that the exhaust is not clogged up with carbon. And the jet size seems like an ok size. If the plug is black and keeps fouling then you could go down a jet at a time until it is where it needs to be. You might just upgrade your pipe and upjet even.

Second if tuning the carb didnt help I would definitely get the tranny cover off and inspect that clutch.

Re: 1980 Garelli rally sport-no power ?

I actually pulled the silencer off and ran it with the same results-then pulled the pipe off the head and its clean, next step is jetting it down from the 57 to the stock 52-then i'll pull the clutch cover if nothing changes-don't really know what i'm looking at but i know that its suppose to have the rubber bushings all the way around-fluid looked like it had alot of metal and grey in it too

Re: 1980 Garelli rally sport-no power ?

sometimes people will upjet to compensate for an air leak, try choking it for a bit to when it just 4 strokes and then throttle, if it picks up then you most likely have a big air leak. After carb to intake and intake to cylinder, I always suspect magneto side crankshaft seal on garellis, careful on installing the new one as theres a sharp shoulder on the shaft.

Of course check compression if you can.

Re: 1980 Garelli rally sport-no power ?

Patrick Horstmann /

the nonperformance could most likely be from the wrong oil in the transmission case. I know Garellis are sensitive to the type of oil and amounts. If the last owner ran to much oil in the case it could have blown the seals and ruined the bottom end. I am guessing this may be your issue.

Re: 1980 Garelli rally sport-no power ?

The clutch should be firm and a solid looking flat shape. If it looks like it is sagging, or bloated, or melty in any way. Also the rubber bushings will tell you the tale. There are only like 5 in there, so dont think a bunch dissapeared. I forget the actual number I just know not every nub had a bushing.

There are some garelli manuals floating about. If you PM me your email I will send you one I have.

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