front brakes, not engaging

I changed out my brake shoes and reassembled the front tire etc, but now my brakes are not functioning/grabbing at all. Any thoughts? I am pretty new to this. Your ideas are appreciated!

Re: front brakes, not engaging

Did you adjust the brake cable properly?

Re: front brakes, not engaging

Well I tired, but I think I don't know what I'm doing, the brake cable seems to lift up the arm on the brakes, but the brake doesn't engage, maybe I need to make the brake cable tighter? Do I just unscrew the cable and thread more of it through, or would I actually cut the cable? It seems plenty short enough.

Re: front brakes, not engaging

Pull up on the brake arm on the hub by hand and make sure the brakes are engaging.

If they do, then adjust the cable by loosening the pinch bolt, make sure the cable adjuster is screwed all the way in, lift the brake arm, and pull the cable tight, then tighten the bolt down.

Pull the brake lever a few times to seat everything in, and then turn the adjuster so the brakes barely rub when you spin the wheel.

Take it for a quick spin, use the brakes hard a few times, and the brake shoes should seat in.

And fine tune it with the adjuster.

Re: front brakes, not engaging

Perfect, I'll give that a whirl. Thank you!

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