MBK 50A engine swap and Help

Emil Karahanov /

Hello guys this is my first topic.I have very beautiful MBK 50A with great wheels and etc.However the AV7 engine is bad.It has some misses.I don’t have carburettor...And other bits.The most Important part that I don’t have is the variator.I have very healthy Peugeot 103 Sp engine with big carb and sports exhaust. I want to swap the Peugeot engine on to the MBK frame every help will be useful.I want to use the original 2 speeds on the motor.Thanks a lot and I am from Eastern Europe so the mopeds here are not quite popular.The parts game is very complicated...


Re: MBK 50A engine swap and Help

The swap will be a challenge - do you have tools that you can use to fabricate a head mount from mild steel to adapt the top of the engine to the Moby frame? You would need to do similar to the lower part of the Peugeot engine for the bottom mount.


Similar toolage to fabricate engine mount points to put the Peugeot engine into the frame using the Peugeot mounting hardware, if you have that with the engine.

Pictures of the engine would help with suggestions so everyone can see what you do or dont have to work with...

Re: MBK 50A engine swap and Help

Emil Karahanov /

Hello thanks for the quick response.With the Peugeot engine I have the whole frame and etc.Almost a complete Peugeot frame.The MBK however is more beatiful :).So I wanted to drive it as quick as posible.But maybe I will keep the Peugeot and wait for another MBK or save some change and buy av10 or new variator.Maybe this is the easy way...I can upload some pisctures of the 2 engines.But I was counting if someone else have done this swap, and wanted to share some now-how.

Re: MBK 50A engine swap and Help

That swap is prob more trouble than it's worth, you can advertise here for used av-7 parts, but my guess is shipping would be very expensive, still, parts abound for the av-7, have to be online sellers in Europe? I don't know it Treatland.tv ships international? But is a great site? DOS cycles imports a lot from Europe, maybe if you contact them they could point you in the direction of parts suppliers close to you, beautiful bike, hope you get her going soon!

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