Does this sound normal ?

Brad Florence /

My Motobecane 1978 50V. I finally got it running. But I feel like something sounds off. Is it just the exhaust ? My Carb? Could I have possibly put the head on wrong (I don’t think so, I tightened to 12lbs) when I replaced gaskets.

Can someone please listen and tell me what they think. Thanks a ton.

There is the link to the video. I put it up on YouTube


Re: Does this sound normal ?

did u use one of these when you put on ur exhaust ?

Re: Does this sound normal ?

Not too bad but from the pic can't see if the exhaust nut is present/tight, looks like pipe shakes a bit, it should not (independently of the cyl anyway)

Re: Does this sound normal ?

Sounds like a moped.

Re: Does this sound normal ?

Emil Karahanov /

Hello, it sounds normal....Maybe some exaust leak.Have u tuned the carb...It sounds a bit like a small missfire.Maybe check for vacum leaks around the carb.Very nice MBK.I love this mopeds.:)

Re: Does this sound normal ?

Your points sound like they are lagging (Set too wide) and yess to exhaust leak

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