Part sourcing for a 78' Honda Hobbit...

I'm new to mopeds. We snagged a neighbors 78' pa50 for $200 the other day. Having a hard time finding a replacement parts... Specifically a throttle cable. I've seen some from China but haven't had much luck with parts from there; universal sizing, etc.In general, seems like the most available parts are for Puch mopeds.

I was looking at this one from China on ebay

Any other pa50 owners have a favorite parts vendor? seems pretty pricey... and only have a few parts for this model

Parts I need:


headlight assembly

tachometer assembly

brake pads

brake cables

(I'd consider a new wiring harness if they sell them complete)


Re: Part sourcing for a 78' Honda Hobbit...

There is no tach on a Hobbit. Sometimes Honda dealers have nos laying around, worth an ask, there is ebay, and the buy/sell forum here, you should be able to get what you need.

Re: Part sourcing for a 78' Honda Hobbit...

Everything is available, it might take a little time tho. Another great vender is and honestly you could probably get everything here of you posted in the buy sell forum.

My hobbit was sold at my local Honda motorcycle dealer new in 78. I called them last year and bought all of the remaining hobbit inventory they had for cheapies... Look for dealers that have been open since the bike was sold and give them a call.

I got mostly small stuff, hardware, controls, brakes, some wheels, variators, engine cases.....but the best score was a box of original mitsuboshi belts...nobody getting my belts...

Surviving headlight assys are unobtainable with a reasonable budget, and will break regardless. The plastic diddnt hold can replace the hobbit headlight with any headlight bucket and bulb you want from treatland or dos. You will need a set of headlight mounting ears as well....I replaced mine three times before putting in an old Puch headlight and ears. Best thing I ever did to my hobbit.

Re: Part sourcing for a 78' Honda Hobbit...

complete og headlight w bezel is gonna be a hard find. U can make any cable length by cutting sheathing or wire and using knarps.

basic rule, use whatever u can.

right now im waiting for a home made tool to pull the starter clutch bell, m24 x 1.5 puller, variator side to get to a leaky crank seal, i've seen

a handful of them go bad.

Re: Part sourcing for a 78' Honda Hobbit... definitely has brake shoes and brake cables for a hobbit. They make the best brake shoes you can buy. Do you need a throttle or a just a throttle cable?

Re: Part sourcing for a 78' Honda Hobbit...

this is the clutch side u can see the fine spray off the crank seal, annoying.

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