carb questions for derbi

the stock carb is a 12 12 sha ,,,my question is can I put a 14 12 in its place ,any ramifications,,,,,,derbi ttt variant

Re: carb questions for derbi

Any size sha should fit in the space. You should be able to use the same intake but may need a different shim for it to fit properly. You will also need some jets to get it tuned properly. Just a few larger than what is in the carb you have now.

Re: carb questions for derbi

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Yes, you can use a 14.12 on the stock intake. As Jay said, you will need to use a different shim. Also, there is probably still a restrictor "plug" in the intake. Remove it for free speed with a stock carb. Leaving it in will negate any gains you may have gotten with a carb upgrade also.

If there is still a restrictor in the intake, there is probably a washer behind the variator also. The washer keeps you from variating all the way, restricting your top speed. Removing that washer is a littler more involved but still pretty simple.

Re: carb questions for derbi

I have the jet left with the 1212 and also have a 1515 carb off my tomos could I use those not sure on the jet size

Re: carb questions for derbi

On my flat reed I run a 74 in a 15.15, stock cylinder, tecnigas pipe. I opened up the intake and the case is derestricted.

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