Clutch/clutch shoe recommendations for Puch E50?

Joseph Ferguson /

I recently purchased my first moped, a 1977 Puch Newport with an E50 engine. The clutch shoes are falling apart, so I'm looking to replace them. I see Treats sells some, but they have pretty mixed reviews. And Denny Cycles also has some for sale, but they don't have any reviews. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could buy E50 clutch shoes? Anyone have any thoughts on the ones sold by Denny Cycles? Or would most people in this situation usually replace the whole clutch?

I'm on a tight budget, and I'm looking to keep the bike as original as possible (at least to start), so I'd prefer to just replace the shoes if possible. That being said, I'm open to suggestions regarding which aftermarket clutches are the best for the money if people think that's a much better option.

Re: Clutch/clutch shoe recommendations for Puch E50?

Overpriced Parts /

Nope just run stock shoes/stock clutch post for one on Buy+sell or buy that used one on treats,

Asbestos lined stock clutches are the best, it’s best for starting clutch material too and you could use automotive synthetic motor oil in your transmission with asbestos lined clutches Which increases the bearing, clutch and brass bushing life dramatically, and reduces clutch fade when hot,

All aftermarket clutches have different goofy lining material which each requires certain transmission fluids not motor oil

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