Tomos A3 won't kick backwards anymore

Bringing an old A3 back from the dead, and first shot at trying to get it to fire up I got about 3 kicks before the pedal won't go back any longer. Turns forward fine, and I checked that I didn't hydrolock the cylinder. Also tried tipping the bike to the side and giving the bottom end a few love-taps to see if I could free up whatever mechanism is stuck.

I'm going to open the engine back up, reluctantly, and see what's going on but I was wondering if there's any advice as to what I should specifically be looking for here. In my research I see the A35 commonly has this issue attributable to a sprag clip but it doesn't look relevant for my old A3. Any suggestions/hints/tips?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Tomos A3 won't kick backwards anymore

im guessing the kickstart mechanism on a3, a35/a55 are similar, not interchangeable but similar. So it does have a sprag as well, probably laying on the bottom of the case broke. But i wanna say your problem is that the peanut spring slipped outta the slot, so you kick then the peanut spring makes that toothed collar slide over and spin the counter shaft, theres one way bearing in the countershaft as well that could be the problem as well, basically gotta take the cover off and inspect. Take picts of broken outta place things. Theres also a spring on the pedal shaft(outside with washer) that need to be there.

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