Garelli rally sport clutch and exhaust ?

Clutch basket has rubber washers and bushings-are all the nubs suppose to have them or just the smaller ones=6. Also how can i tell if the rubber star clutch is bad ? Does the exhaust have a gasket in between the head pipe and silencer and where would i get one-still leaking in between there ?

Re: Garelli rally sport clutch and exhaust ?

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Only the 6 get rubber bushings. There should be a rubber sleeve that silences the header pipe to muffler connection. I use a piece of radiator hose with two band clamps. (edited)

Re: Garelli rally sport clutch and exhaust ?

Thanks-Engine just wont run for long-won't rev up on the stand, acts like it's being drug down by something, getting clean fuel, carb and exhaust are clean and has decent compression and spark, maybe it's out of time like something goofy is going on with the timing, points gap ?

Re: Garelli rally sport clutch and exhaust ?

The rubber clutch needs to be firm and flat. If it looks expanded, or oddly shaped in any way then it may need replacing. They are reasonably inexpensive as clutches go. And pretty easy to install. Make sure you are using a non detergent oil in the transmission or it will eat up that rubber.

Double check all of your brake cables and make sure your brakes are not dragging.

Re: Garelli rally sport clutch and exhaust ?

Point gap is .015 fully open, strong spark-i may just replace the clutch while im in there, Could worn rings-maybe oil ring make it real hard to start but still seem like it had decent compression ? This thing only has 1900 miles on it

Re: Garelli rally sport clutch and exhaust ?

try choking it while u try and rev it up or spray some pre mix while trying to rev up. If it does rev up then theres an air leak, most likely crankshaft seal under stator plate.

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