1983 Honda Hobbit Won't Start

It fires and runs for a second but won't continue to run. I have to manually choke it and am going to clean all the gunk out today. It was running perfectly but my fuel filter fell off and I ran without it for about 20 minutes.

Any ideas of what I can do to make it start? I'm grabbing another fuel filter now and cleaning her up.

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit Won't Start

Clean all the internal carb passages .

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit Won't Start

And the tank and petcock.

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit Won't Start

unscerew the off idle enrichment screw(count turns first from lughtly seated), the idle speed screw n that small silver passage screw and blast with brake cleaner and air both ways a bunch of times, this worked for me today.

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit Won't Start

Habbits are well known for the finicky kehlin carbs that need to be clinically clean. Like VERY clean.

You kinda answered your own question.

Ran great...

Removed filter...

Ran good and then diddnt any more....


You need to pull the carb, and clean it! Walk away for a while, then clean it again! Come back to it the next day, and clean it again! Seriously I know it sounds weird but cleaning it thoroughly multiple times while it's off let's you skip the 4 times you put it back on the bike and it still won't run.

My first hobbit had the carb off six times before it was clean enough to run well. All the while thinking it was other shit and going down the rabbit hole. Nope, was just the carb.

Also, it's a good time to upgrade reeds while your in there... And I'm not sure if you've removed a hobbit carb before....unbolting the rear shocks and throwing a big block of wood between the rack and wheel gives you all the clearance to get it out easily. If you try without doing that you'll be cussing in no time.

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit Won't Start

And like stephen said, pull the tank and clean it. Particulates will make it through the filter and kill the bike again.

Pull it, fill it with screws. And shaky away. If it has rust, then fill with vinegar and leave it for a day, rinse, more screws and after coat the inside with oil or fill with premix immediately to stop flash rust.

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