Performance pipe rubbing

I put a new pipe on my Tomos a3 last year and it stops the stand from folding up completely. Would I damage it ,if I warmed it up and dent it on the inside to let the stand clear?

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Why would you do that all that

All you Gotta do is enlarge the header mounting/holes just a little bit and you’ll be surprised how much clearance you will get on the back/back mount area

Re: Performance pipe rubbing

Dont dent your pipe. The chamber is made for resonance and that is affected by dents. You might try taking a torch to the header bend and warm it up and try bending it up a bit. It might throw off your rear mount a bit, but you can just make a bracket or drill a different hole for that. Not sure without a picture how much clearance you have to bend, or how low your kickstand site.

Personally I would remove the center stand and get a side stand for the bike. Tomos doesnt need a stand for starting anyway. (edited)

Re: Performance pipe rubbing

Lost me on that one Roff. You mean a spacer?

Re: Performance pipe rubbing

I love having my pipe rubbed.

Re: Performance pipe rubbing

> Les B. Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Lost me on that one Roff. You mean a spacer?

he's sayin open up dremel/drill your header mounting holes and swing your pipe away with some spacers.

Re: Performance pipe rubbing

Ohhhhhh..I see now. Ill give a look see later. Thanks for clearing that up Pat.

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