Oil Leaks from Dellorto Carb

Jared LeCuyer /

I have a Morini moto 2 stroke with the 70cc bbk on my TGB laser 50. I have a 19mm dellorto carbeurator. I have a brand new oil pump/oil lines that have been bled. After riding my moped for a while then parking it in the garage, 2 stroke oil is everywhere in the air intake of the carb. It has so much that it went into the air box and drips onto the garage floor. Also all the fuel from under the petcock leaked out onto the floor too. Practically everything is new parts, why is it leaking?

Re: Oil Leaks from Dellorto Carb

Obviously , there's a piece of the puzzle that didn't get put into place or properly tightened .

Re: Oil Leaks from Dellorto Carb

I'm assuming your bike is the scooter pictured in your profile which we don't generally work on and there are other sites for that. I have a oil mix tank like yours on my boat and it's only supposed to be filled to a certain level. Your not supposed to overfill it. Look àt your resivour. You will probably figure it out.

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