Clutch spring question on Jawa 210

I've been fixing up my Jawa 210, replaced gaskets, piston head and rings, brake pads, clutch arms and springs etc. It starts right up and runs really nice, but when the back wheel hits the ground or I put on the rear brakes the bike will die. Does this sound like a issue with the starter clutch or the first gear clutch? The rear wheel spins while it's idling, and I just replaced the 1st gear clutch springs. I have several sets of springs I can use for first gear rated from about 1k rpm up to 2k rpm. It seems like the first gear clutch is engaging too early while the bike is still idling. Would that be caused by using springs that are too loose, or too tight? Or is it more of an issue involving the starter clutch not disengaging when it should?

Re: Clutch spring question on Jawa 210

Just wanted to give an update incase anyone stumbles across this thread. After some troubleshooting yesterday I've narrowed the problem down to the 1st gear clutch arms. I had replaced those with new ones and put new springs in as well. The pads on the new clutch arms were way too thick, to the point where the 1st gear clutch would essentially be engaged all the time, which was causing the bike to stall out when the rear tire hit the ground or the brakes were applied. I confirmed that by putting the old clutch arms with no pads left back on and testing the bike with the same starter clutch arms. The starter clutch is working perfectly, catches when it needs to and turns the bike over, only now with the old 1st gear clutch arms the rear wheel is never really engaged and starts spinning (because the old arms were stripped down to the metal and weren't catching on the inside of the bell).

At some point today I'll sand down the padding on the new arms so that they aren't engaging all the time; only when I rev to high enough RPM's, and that should take car of my issue. Wish me luck!

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