Puch Z50 2-speed manual transmission oil

Andrew Fleetwood /

Hi, I can find no information whatsoever on the internet about transmission oil for the Z50 manual gear change Puch. I overhauled my engine and filled the gearbox with 280ml of gear oil but it was definitely insufficient- I could hear dry gears inside on a ride.

Can anybody tell me what type of transmission fluid is recommended and how much or to what level is it filled? There is a large plug over the clutch release bearing- do I fill it until the level reaches that plug? That’s more than 350ml which seems a lot.... but there again, 280ml was not enough! And do I use moped gear oil, or ATF fluid like the automatic version? I want to get this right having rebuilt the engine which is tricky on this model with dozens of needle rollers to manage and parts rare to come by.

If anyone has a manual for the 2 speed manual change model,it would be great to see it posted, as there is no information for this model on the internet.

Thanks all!

Re: Puch Z50 2-speed manual transmission oil

Overpriced Parts /

You’re supposed to use oil not fluid

I use 10w30-40 synthetic motor oil just about filled to plug, I also use the metra kit clutch spring and had no problems

But originally you’re supposed to use something like regular 40 weight oil in the summer in 20 to 30 weight oil In winter.

I don’t use type f auto transmission fluid in the automatic version either, I use motor oil but thinner 0-5w20-30 weight, as long as you have stock lined clutches there’s no reason to use junk type F tranny fluid

Aftermarket clutches then you have to use a tranny type fluid

Re: Puch Z50 2-speed manual transmission oil

Andrew Fleetwood /

Thank you for your information- very helpful......I have put oil in mine, filled just below the level of the clutch release plug and it sounds perfect.....

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