Magneto not turning over

I feel stupid for having to ask this question but to be fair I’m a newbie. When I kick over the pedal on my Peugot 103 LVS U3 the magneto doesn’t turn, But the belt and chain on the other side do, is there something I’m doing wrong? I can turn it over with my hand so it’s not locked up or anything. I’m sorry for asking a shallow question but I’m genuinely confused.

Re: Magneto not turning over

Adam Rosenow /

To turn over the motor, you've got to engage the starter clutch... should be a second leaver that sticks out the bottom on your left handlebar that looks similar to a break leaver.

Re: Magneto not turning over

Thanks for responding. I’ll do this now lol.

Re: Magneto not turning over

Dirty30 Dillon /

That's not a starter lever, it's the decompression.

Pull it, get it spinning and then let go.

Re: Magneto not turning over

Oh ok

I’ll do this then lol

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