lazer 5 ssr motor

George taylor /

I need a new motor for my 2010 lazer 5 ssr dose anyone know what motor will fit on there


Re: lazer 5 ssr motor

Overpriced Parts /

How many mi were on the motor when it quit ?

Re: lazer 5 ssr motor

George taylor /

Alot it was a 2010 I was the 3rd owner n i put alot of miles on it all the gy6 motors i look at the starter was on top i need one on the bottom

Re: lazer 5 ssr motor

Any horizontal Honda cub series engine , or horizontal Honda clone engine will mount fine. Then you'll just need to sort out wiring.

You'll have a good oppunity to upgrade, but most likely will have to geo one without pedals. The pedal engines were weaker as they basically just threw them on as an afterthought... Lifan is the best brand for clones. Bear in mind that most will be 70-110 cc.

Cheaper on aliexpress but here's some on eBay. Sold as put bike engines somtimes. If I were you I'd get the 3 speed semi auto(no manual clutch lever) or a manual. (edited)

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