1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Hi - First, I want to say thank you for all the posts I have read on here. I found a 1980 General 5 Star a while back and then ended up purchasing two others I found online this year. I tried getting them to spark for the longest time, but finally just wired for spark with red and blue wires. I finally got to ride my blue step through yesterday and my son and I and a few neighbors had a blast. The only thing is when we put the airbox back on the car of the Minarelli v1 it seems to run better, but would just keep revving and I had to turn the petcock to off to get it to stall out eventually. Any direction you could point me in here? Thanks appreciate the reply. The blue one is the one I got running and speedometer shows 68 miles on it and the green one I just took the engine off tonight and I'm about to take apart because when I pull the left control left the clutch doesn't seem to engage. I think I read it could be a leaf spring if that sounds about right? The silver one I found in the garbage about two years ago I think and has 1500 miles on it. I had it to spark when I first got it so will have to work on that soon, but that's in the worst shape of the lot.


Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Good looking bikes. Just a little work to get them built up nice again. Get those tubes and tires changed and all of the cables. My guess is you have a split in your throttle cable causing it to hang up.

Just hit up one of the moped sites closest to you for all the parts you need. Treatland.tv is a lot of people's go to, but so is Doscycles.com

1977mopeds.com will also have stuff you may need

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Thanks man appreciate the suggestions (I have recently ordered parts from Lucky2Stroke...the throttle cable is pulling the lever back all the way and even off the engine I manually can pull it back. It gives very little resistance after I pull it back but not very much. I don't think the engine is turning over as the piston doesn't seem to be moving. I took the engine off the frame and was cleaning it up and went to drain the oil and nothing came out. If I look in there it has some wet oil coating but nothing running out. I'm wondering if I should fill the crank case then try again or if I need to take the case apart and see what's going on. Hopefully I'll have more time to work on this tomorrow.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Looks like the piston moves when I turn the flywheel but not when clutch is engaged and peddaling

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

I know we got off the main topic but appreciate any replies to either

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Edit- thought these were Sachs poweref generals my bad. But the info still holds true so I'll leave it.

If the engine revved like crazy and you had to turn off the petcock to kill it you have a big air leak somewhere. Intake or crank seals. And letting it run like that could have caused damage.

You said something about a v1 carb. Did you swap the carb for a dellorto off of a v1? Cuz if you diddnt re jet it you may have caused alot of damage. Carbs aren't immediately interchangable, even between the same make and year somtimes.

Remember, the oil and gas are mixed. So too small of a jet=too little lubrication. Which leads to seizing of pistons and crank bearings.

If you had to hot wire it you were doing something wrong. If you have a bad run switch you can pull the kill wire off of the ht coil. If that doesn't work maybe your taillight bulb is burnt out. Alot of bikes won't run without a working tail light. And as always, clean the points first before you start chasing non-existant gremlins. (edited)

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

YES ADD OIL.lol really?

But if the starter clutch lever isn't actuating the clutch it may be mis adjusted.

Also, the throttle shouldn't have any lever at all. It should enter the top of the carb and move the slide. No levers (edited)

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on


I do appreciate your reply but let's take a step back here.

- They are all Minarreli v1 engines with stock carbs, I didn't run an engine without oil in the crank case. I was asking if the reason the starter plate isn't engaging related to there hardly being any oil in the case. The piston moves when I turn the fly wheel by hand. There is a clutch lever on the left controls that pulls the throttle cable when I squeeze it and there is a little more resistance when I pull it but the piston isn't moving that way.

- The blue general ST that is running seems to rev higher when I put the airbox on. I don't have it wired up the way it came so the kill switch doesn't work. I turned the petcock off so it would run out of fuel. I didn't continue to run it that way, it was a one time thing. I wired it for spark which is mentioned here many many times as I read on here for a year before I actually ran the bike. I am very much aware of how the wiring works with the generals. I wanted to make sure it was getting spark before making sure every bulb, horn, etc was working, grounded properly, etc.

Two issues here I mentioned, one was in the title about it revving higher with the airbox on.

The other was the engine from my green General that I took off. I'm well aware engines need oil, this was giving all the details, not asking if an engine needs oil in it to run. Just asking if the very little oil in it would possibly be the cause of the starter plate (maybe a bearing issue), or maybe the leaf springs or clutch springs. Before I tear the engine apart I was asking if I should fill the case with oil and see if that could possibly fix the issue (also aware of oil level in these) .

Just trying to get advice on the issues I mentioned. (edited)

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

You're right, not the throttle. The left control under the brake, is that the clutch lever or whatever it's called, cable goes to the engine and that little lever on top of the engine. Thanks man

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Yeah my bad man I put a blurb at the beginning of my post to attempt to clarify. Ive owned three generals, all with Sachs engines, not minerelli so when I saw v1, I assumed you swapped a dellorto onto a sachs. Then I remembered that they had v1's too! was not trying to be a dick in any way. My bad!

If anything connects to the throttle, other than the throttle grip on the right handlebar somthing is wrong. I've owned many italian v1 bikes and the only thing the starter clutch lever actuated was the starter clutch lever on the engine.

If you have the engine on the bike, or even the bench pulling the lever on the engine case bypassing the cable you should feel drag on the pedals. You gotta pull pretty hard doing it by hand. And they can wear out. Myron's mopeds has a full blown apart schematic.

The idle can raise a little with the airbox on, but adjusting the idle screw on the carb should sort that out. if not It is possible that the increased vacume from the airbox is making a small airleak at the manifold or crank bearings more pronounced.

It takes a pint of sae20 in the transmission. So if anything the lack of oil would make the starter clutch grab more I would think...

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

i think the fans and tins are necessary.

about the speeding idle, very odd that a box would increase idle, normally lowers it by enriching the fuel mix. Ensure your throttle slide is all the way down.

Of course it is easy to check for air leaks with a running motor, spray away.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Lol yeah. That lever moves a cam that presses onto the starter clutch plate in the trans to temporarily engage the pedals.

I understood what you were saying but you wouldn't believe the amount of bikes I've fixed that had cables going to totally inappropriate places.

If you can pull that lever and feel the pedals engage you know it's an adjustment issue. Or hell maybe even a seized cable.

I'm kinda jealous. Sachs made FANTASTIC engines but the clutch was the weak point in em. You hop them up and it'll slip the main clutch until it glazes over, v1's are pretty overbuilt, the polini 80cc is such a sinple setup all things considered, always wanted one on a general.

Jun li in Taiwan made general frames Soo strong.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

haha thanks and I added my second reply cause I was like I sounded a bit dicky myself. I have worked on small engines on lawnmowers and some old volkswagon bugs back in the day, but these are my first mopeds. I found the silver one in the garbage a while back. I had sourced all the parts to fix from ebay and other places, but when my ex and I broke up she had the garage cleared out and I lost about $500 in parts that are super hard to find. Then I saw a guy selling the blue and green together asking for $300 but someone else wanted them so I offered him $500 for the pair. Been picking up some parts and just got the blue one started. Working on them with one of my kids and now everyone wants to ride so trying to get the green then the silver up and running. I definitely want to get a polini kit or two or three lol...but want to get them running first and understand a bit more before I start kitting these. I've been reading on here for a while so not to sound like such a noob when asking for help lol.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Thanks Pat I'll take a look. My son was cleaning out the main jet in the carb and was adjusting the cable so I'll take a look at it when I get a chance. I have to say the first time I finally got to ride one of my Generals made me feel like a kid again. Now I understand how fun these things are.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Sweet. Ok for parts. Here in buy/sell forum is great for things that are really hard to find, or you don't have an issue with good used stuff people are dropping cheap. Carbs, wheels, intakes. Post here first.

Treatland.tv is fantastic and support tons of bikes, same with Sunday morning motors, they individually list tons of stuff. Doscycles.com is like a dream man, they have a warehouse of bikes for pulling parts, a huge inventory, and are a phonecall or email away. It's just not economical for them to post everything that they have online. I reccomend if you need anything that you can't find, get ahold of doscycles. I've even jokingly told people to check dos for really weird aftermarket stuff like foot rest pedal arms thinking they wouldn't have em...they did

Never, ever order from 1977 mopeds.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Cool appreciate the info....I do look on here and just got a bunch of little things from Lucky2Strokes but I am trying to find a set of side covers for the Blue step through. I just ended up buying the battery covers and side covers for one of the top tanks. I used to have another complete set but that was taken in the garage clean out unfortunately. I'll shoot Dos an email. I'm trying to keep the blue and green one as stock looking as possible since they are pretty much complete (besides maybe kitting down the road). The silver one needs some help so I think that one is going to be the one I'll customize a bit. I live by the beach so my goal is to have the three of them running good for next summer to cruise around in. Thanks again!

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Generals were made in the Jun li factory in Taiwan so grysner, general, clinton, and Jun li all the sidecovers are the same. Funnily enough they are clones of a peugeot.lol tsa I think? Tsm? I can't remember.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

good to know, hopefully I'll find a pair. Was trying to find a 3d print for the battery covers as my friend has a printer. The side ones would be too big to print on his machine at least. I only need one side cover at this point so I'll probably buy one soon.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Oh I was wrong, plenty of oil in there. Once I took drain plug and both screws it all came out. Going to take side cover off and see if that starter clutch actuator is working . Btw DOS had a nos battery side cover I needed and in green. Thank you


Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Could it be the starter plate bearing or leaf spring as to why it’s not engaging when clutch cable pulls the actuator?


Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

theres a post on how to change out center "mushed" ball bearing, takes 5mins and a trip to the hardware store, i've never done it but someone post link to you tube video if you cant find it.

Re: 1980 General 5 Star keeps running fast when airbox on

Thanks I did see that tutorial. I ordered the part yesterday as I was a bit busy but I’m still also going to do the repair as well so I have a spare. I have 3 generals so I’m sure I’ll need it at some point :) thanks man

Will probably do the repair before I get the spare but I also ordered a new transmission gasket which I’m going to need

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