Crank seal wont fit!

I've got a tomos a3ms just changed the crank bearings and seals, one seal went in fine, but the other one is a no go. I've messed up 2 already trying to get the bloody thing in and I'm stuck. Does anyone have any good tips on getting this seal to fit? Its like trying to put a round peg in a square hole. I've used force and being extra gentle but all that happens is the seal ends up warping or the rubber round the edges comes apart.



Re: Crank seal wont fit!

Jack Rutherford /

Is it the right size

Re: Crank seal wont fit!

Should go right in. I'd betcha got the wrong seal. If not, what direction are you putting in.

Post a picture of the engine. In unfamiliar with the a3ms. But I assume it's the same engine as the standard a3 we got here in the us.

Re: Crank seal wont fit!

They were the correct seals, but they aren’t seals no more after they have been mailed trying to get it in. A3ms would be the same as a A3. I’ve ordered some new ones and will try again. I’ve tried fitting them the correct way as of the manual.

Re: Crank seal wont fit!

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Did you oil them up good when you installed them?

Re: Crank seal wont fit!

Look carefully at your old seal and see if you can read the number thereupon. Then measure the outside diameter of the old seal and, if possible, the diameter of the seat in which the seal is supposed to sit. Look up the seal numbers on Google. Note that you can simply order a seal by size: Outside diameter, thickness, and shaft diameter (measure the shaft, not the seal.) Any auto parts store will be able to order you a seal of any size and have it for you in a few days. They're not specialized, so any seal that fits will be quite adequate.

It took me a couple of tries to find seals that actually fit the Trac Clipper: the manual I was using gave incorrect numbers, so I finally just measured everything and got one that fit.

Mark Kinsler

Re: Crank seal wont fit!

ill match to old one, heat w heat gun, smear of motoseal on the outside dab of grease on the crank and use two thumbs to start even then a block of wood to tap flush going round.

Re: Crank seal wont fit!

There are some differences to the early a3 with magneto bearings, I'm not sure if the seal is different but it might be.

Re: Crank seal wont fit!

In the end I got the seal in, now the crank is being a pain and the seal is warped. It’s being a complete pain. I’ve decided to take it to my local shop. I’ve never know anything like it and it’s really testing my patience lol

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