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i am still having problems with the idle on my hobbit i have repIaced all the fuel filters and line as well as putting a wabron carburetor i took it off earlier and cleaned it i put a dr kit in and replaced the crank with a super stuffy crank i have not replaced any jets i have continuously adjusted throttle i sprayed the cylinder and case and so on with carburetor cleaner the only place i get a change in idle is when i spray where the boot meets the frame on the intake side i dont understand how i can fix this the boot is brand new do or have yall ever had similar problem plz save the smart remarks thx in advance

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It's not clear how your 'boot' fits, but some silicone sealer might work if that part is not meant to ever be removed. If not, see if you can find some suitable grease, which also does a good job of sealing. Note that silicone products are tough to remove and, if removed, don't allow that surface to be painted. Also, make certain that you've actually tightened all the bolts and screw you thought you'd tightened. Sometimes one or two escape, or else loosen for unknown reasons.

Mark Kinsler

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Steven Bolduc /

Where is the OEM carb?

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When I bought the moped he gave me both but it does the same thing with the other carb I orderd another carb bc apparently you can't order just the boot and he only had one boot it was on the old one I put it on the new one then put it on

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Sorry I miss wrote that the boot came off the new carb I think he put it on the old one for some reason

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Your points gap correct ?

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