Siezed motor release

Hi guys after 15 years of sitting in my shed.ok the back story first .built my maxi into a magnum maxi hybrid, by adding Mag MKII forks and swing arm ,five spoke aluminum wheels ,added a 64cc polini kit and got as far as broken in...then got married so i put it up for a while in the shed and said i’ll get back to it ! that was 15 years ago now my son is 12 years old and interested in all things motorized .so i pulled it out and it’s frozen .i l know it ran when i put it away...?so i pulled the head looks as new as the day i took it out of the box? should i use a gear puller to separate the jug from the piston?.the exhaust port is about 3/16 exposed an i think it may be at bottom dead center so i dont want to wack it anymore.jim

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Remove the spark plug and spray inside with your favorite rusted-bolt remover. One particularly fine one is PB Blaster (original recipe, not necessarily the multi-purpose lubricant). Let it soak for two hours, then spray more in and, if this doesn't loosen things, let it sit overnight. Good luck: there's probably no damage, but when the piston does loosen, shoot some real motor oil in atop the PB Blaster.

Mark Kinsler

Re: Siezed motor release

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Aero Kroil...

It's what the aliens used to clean the cattle mutilators Miracle stuff....

Re: Siezed motor release

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I have used a 50/50 mixture of Acetone and ATF with great results.

Re: Siezed motor release

ATF and Acetone 50/50 is the best

Re: Siezed motor release

rubber mallet whacks, base asket probably stuck.

Re: Siezed motor release

I always spray a good penetrating oil and let sit for a few days. Then I support the cylinder and let the bottom end hang with no support and use a piece of wood o. The piston and wack the wood with a hammer. Dont hit super hard, but good wacks. I usually can just hold onto the cylinder with one hand. Usually does the trick.

Re: Siezed motor release

AeroKroil, that oil reduces the surface tension and creeps into openings as small as one millionth of an inch. Spray that piston and come back in twenty minutes, one whack and its free.

Re: Siezed motor release

Since you are at bdc-ish, you can try to tap the cylinder off the cases & rotate the crank.

Helps to be able to get under the cyl with blocking or with whatever configuration jackscrew puller you might be using. Find or make something to push on the OD of the piston instead of the crown.

If you can't rotate the crank then that would be an issue whether or not you can get the cyl off.

I would agree that overenthusiastic hammering on cranks is not ideal, especially if you were at bdc. Bonne chance.

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