New here. Puch moped has no power

Hello all. My son was given a 1977 Puch maxi sport moped. We have been working on it the last few weeks.

Things done so far:

New kill switch

New spark plug and wire

New bing 12mm clone

Used the old atomizer and jet (cleaned)

New tires and tubes

Cleaned the exhaust

The moped starts and idles fine, it has good power to start. After driving it for about 20 minutes it will lose power. Sometimes to the point it will not make it up my slightly sloped driveway. The exhaust will start blowing some white smoke. After we let it sit the power usually comes back. This time not so much. Thanks for any input. Jim

Re: New here. Puch moped has no power

Do you have any transmission fluid in it? Sounds like you might be burning up the clutch

Re: New here. Puch moped has no power

It's the condenser. Loses efficiency when it gets hot cuz it's ancient. Wire in an external one to make sure it's the problem.

Any condenser from auto zone will work as long as it has one wire and a grounding strap to mount. Ie old vw beetle, early 70's chevy.....etc

Mount to the frame with a good ground connection, connect the wire to the wire from the stator to the ht coil(box where the spark plug wire comes out.) I usually strip the condenser wire and wrap it around the connector that goes into the coil.

If the problem goes away you can buy an original replacement and replace the bad original

Or just leave it, rare cases the condenser can completely short. So it's always a good idea to at least disconnect the original if the condenser truly is the problem (edited)

Re: New here. Puch moped has no power

Thank you. Yes it has fresh transmission fluid in it. I will try a condenser also. Jim

Re: New here. Puch moped has no power

roots to wings /

Read Fred's Guide on wiki and search for white smoke generally. Sounds like condensor or seals (clutch side from what i've read). Bing clones suck. If you've done everything in Fred's Guide and still have white smoke write back. Plenty of good folk here will help you.

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