1978 Puch Newport L - Won't Idle - Need Help

1978 Puch Newport L. The engine will run at half throttle or more but dies if the throttle is slowed to idle speed. I have cleaned the carb and experimented with adjusting the jet needle all to no avail. I even tried a new carb with the same results. Any suggestions on getting this unit to properly idle?

Re: 1978 Puch Newport L - Won't Idle - Need Help

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So many things you got to do when get a new used bike.

First thing to do is service your magneto and set point gap and set timing so read this completely and do everything is says


Follow basic troubleshooting


Make sure you know what parts are on your bike

if stock cylinder stock, exhaust, stock carburetor you need to stock airbox complete with resonator tube and stock jet size

The number on the carburetor will tell you what the stock jet is


if the bike is a kitted, different carburetor, different intake, different exhaust etc.then you will have to learn to Jet and tune,

You could have bad seals making you need a rebuild especially if the bike has never had them changed,

I suggest you read the whole Puch Category


Because if he would have you would’ve searched wiki begin before you made this post with you would’ve found everything I just found on there.

Re: 1978 Puch Newport L - Won't Idle - Need Help

Is it slowly choking itself out, suddenly going “clunk” and dying, or what? There’s a million things it could be. You’ve adjusted the actual idle screw, I assume?

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