Jawa 210 second speed clutch oil leak

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Hey guys, its been a while since i've touched my Jawa. It worked amazing until the second speed clutch seal started leaking. I recently rode a Yamaha Zuma and it really brought back the joy in mopeds into me, my second speed clutch seal is leaking currently, and so my pedals are ineffective in turning over my motor. What could I try? I replaced the seals 2 times now, how does the middle seal go? most likely I have it set up wrong, and also sometimes I cant see my posts after I post them, so if I never reply to this post that's probably why, but im gonna try to bookmark it.

Re: Jawa 210 second speed clutch oil leak

If your looking at the clutches straight on the left side has the starting and 1st gear and the right side has the 2nd gear. The seals should be installed with the metal springy facing inward toward the engine and the lettering facing out. make sure you clean up the hole it sits in and don't put any oil or grease on it before installing. pound it in slowly and evenly with a closely matching sized socket until its flush.

thoroughly degrease the 1st and starting clutch shoes and drums with brake cleaner or similar, and lightly lightly sand the clutch pad material to get off just the darkened shiny outer contact points, maybe hit the inside of the drums aswell. Clean and Degrease everything again and do not lubricate anything in there except the 2 caged needle bearings with a tiny tiny bit of heavy grease.

Best of luck Jawa brother

Shiny glazed starting shoe


sanded and cleaned starting shoe


This is the second gear drum, notice how the seal sits in nicely. the 2nd gear has a seperate spindle that only drips oil when removed, when its all back together it doesnt leak at all. There should be a couple different washers and an O-ring stacked up to be close to flush to the outside that go over the spindle and in the hole. check inside and make sure you have them, if you do try swapping them around, washer o-ring washer, o-ring washer washer etc. [attachment 235967 20201009_132823.jpg (edited)


Re: Jawa 210 second speed clutch oil leak

I have 210 also (1989) and it only has 800 miles- how many do you have? Im just wondering when I need brake and clutch service. Jawa is a hot little bike!


Re: Jawa 210 second speed clutch oil leak

Nice bike and beer choice. I just hit around 4500 and the rear brake just hit the end of its adjuster, the fronts are ok. For service i drip something like 3-in-1 oil and powdered graphite down the brake cables like once a year. and electrical tape up the spots where the plastic jacket wears thru from chaffing.

in the clutch i cant give ya a good idea when because this was my first moped like 10 years ago and i like tinkering with it alot n useto break stuff hah.

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