MB5 carb recommendations

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Howdy all. Recently picked up a non-running MB5. Have compression and spark, and can get it to fire with premix down the intake, so hopefully it won't take much to get it back on the road. Pulled the carb for a good cleaning and found that PO snapped off the float pin stands! So, looking for a new carb. Has anyone had any good luck with a particular aftermarket carb? I've had very much hit and miss luck with knockoff Dellorto carbs in the past. I don't mind paying for a high quality replacement if there is one, or should I look for a used unit to rebuild? Looking for a stock replacement that will retain the stock intake, airbox, boot, etc.

Re: MB5 carb recommendations

Vm20 is pretty rad. It can be used with the oil injection too.

Re: MB5 carb recommendations

Post in buy/sell for a used original.

Re: MB5 carb recommendations

^ That's what I would do as well.

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