1937 NSU Quick (Not Quickly)

I had to do some repairs on this bike and could find almost nothing online.

I figured a post here would at least give a person repairing one of these bikes a contact source.

98 cc, 2-speed

Iconic 'fishtail' muffler

Dry clutch with round cork insert linings (you can make these yourself)

spring loaded shifter 'brake-style' lever to a single cable shifter config

26" wheels

(3) 49x2.0mm rings (that I could only find in Greece)

2-wire light switch (I converted to 1 wire and grounded some things)

Can be run with well greased trans gears (original) or some SAE oil if you seal the cases.

DO NOT take the external shifter levers off unless you want to split the case to re-install. Use a fairly stout spring (or one inside of another) to push the shifting configuration through N and 2nd. (edited)

NSU Quick.jpg

Re: 1937 NSU Quick (Not Quickly)

Easier to find stuff and manuals for the other NSUs like the Quick and Pony 100 in UK

Re: 1937 NSU Quick (Not Quickly)

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Wow... never seen a quick without the ly.

love the muffler and fairing. I bet this bike is hilariously fun.

Great to see someone knows a thing or two about keeping them going over here

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