V1 Pietcart CDI issues

Hi, I recently put a pietcart CDI with the 2041 box onto my minarelli, and my bike's been getting random powerloss at WOT, which progressively gets worse, It's not seizing, just dying if the revs are high. Ive been told it sounds like a screwy box is the issue, does anyone know why a box would break on the 2nd time I took it out. FYI, the timing is stock 23 degrees, and I've got the stock external ignition coil with a resistor spark plug cap. How can I fix this, and should I get another box, or go back to stock points and condenser?

Re: V1 Pietcart CDI issues

The benefit of the 2041 is that it auto-retards the timing at higher RPM "by around 3-4 degrees."

The stock timing might not be ideal for that, you will need to tweak your timing and advance it to take full advantage of this box.

Re: V1 Pietcart CDI issues

it might be a fuel delivery thing like your float bowl running dry.

Re: V1 Pietcart CDI issues

I'll try changing my timing a bit, and the float bowl was wet when I pulled the carb

Re: V1 Pietcart CDI issues

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

I've never run a pietcard on a v1 but it should work with stock timing I imagine

do you have a 5kOhm resistor boot AND a resistor plug?

Re: V1 Pietcart CDI issues

Yeah, I got the resistor plug boot, and it shouldn't need a resistor plug along with the boot

Re: V1 Pietcart CDI issues

Last year I was having a similar problem with my pietcard setup and couldn’t figure it out for the life of me, ended up replacing the box with a new 2041 off treats and that fixed it. Guess it was just a dud?

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