VIP rebuild.....clutch problems.

1979 VIP 2 speed. Fresh rebuild, new bearings, seals, clutches. Avanti top end, Delorto PHBG, Seal magneto/CDI, Biturbo. Starts and engine sounds fine...but. It seems to rev too much at takeoff and seems to not want to go much over 25 (stock gearing). The thing I noticed that worries me, I cannot roll the bike backwards, it did before my test ride I have not yet replaced the clutch cable, so I am starting with a drill gun. Any ideas what I boofed?


Re: VIP rebuild.....clutch problems.

hmm maybe that peanut spring thing missed the slot in the case.

Re: VIP rebuild.....clutch problems.

I bet your 1st and second gear clutches are not spinning free of one another on the crankshaft. The star washers get mooshed if you use an impact to put the clutch nut on. Check these before and as you loosen up the clutch nut again. They need to both spin independently of each other.

The freewheel setup on 1st gear only works when spinning forward. When it spins backwards, it all binds. Be careful.

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