Sachs 505 clutch/magneto issues

1978 sachs balboa 505 (the one speed)

Been working on this moped for a few months on and off. Im familiar with cars and all but first moped. Moped is turning over and not seized but the clutch will not engage the crank to turn the magneto. It is either to tight and cant pedal or slips or it is too loose. The clutch is in correct order shown on the diagrams in the manual. May need to shim better but not sure about that either...

So my issue or question is that when the clutch plates engage by pulling the lever, it should expand and "lock" the crank to turn the magneto flywheel. This is not happening. I have not replaced clutch pads or anything but not sure that is what it is. I have torqued the bolt to 17 ft lbs is what i read. I can get it to turn a little with someones help and random pedaling while pulling the lever but it is not consistent. I dont have fluid in the clutch either and someone said that could be why but it seems it should spin some even without. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Sachs 505 clutch/magneto issues

Sounds like your engine is seized.

Re: Sachs 505 clutch/magneto issues

What makes you say it turns over? Have you measured compression?

Re: Sachs 505 clutch/magneto issues

so its taken you a few months to figure out that your pedal crank is not the same as your crank shaft? lol

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