Mobi Exhaust Pipe Clamp help?

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The exhaust nut on my '78 mobi is coming loose. I got a copper gasket, and an oversize nut BUT. I realized that I have a different kind of exhaust on this bike. This is exactly what is on there:

So, it takes a different kind of exhaust nut.

Someone recommended this clamp:

But I have NO idea how it actually attaches. Anyone have a picture of this clamp in action?

Thank you


Re: Mobi Exhaust Pipe Clamp help?

On the last photo on treats it shows you how it is assembled. The clamp attaches to the exhaust and the wire goes around the cylinder. Tighten the wire and it pulls the exhaust tighter to the cyl

Re: Mobi Exhaust Pipe Clamp help?

theres some technique to getting that exhaust nut to stay tight, snug it up, get engine hot, snug up while hot, repeat. These are usually sprimg mounted at the exhaust flange.

that other bracket hangs on the bottom of your motor and supports exhaust body.

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