Moto Guzzi Robin Center Stand Help

I have a Robin that has a janky center stand. I am trying to figure out what it should look like stock, so how much of this is fabricated versus stock. I am thinking I am going to need to weld the bracket that has the holes in it to the frame and eliminate the screws/bolts that are not working.

It seems like the stand is rotating to far forward and I may need to weld in some extra material inside the stand to make it hit a 'stop' point earlier.

Does anyone have a photo of how this center stand should look stock?

Re: Moto Guzzi Robin Center Stand Help

hmm, personally mever owned a moto guzzi but your center stand looks pretty stock, so if you know how to weld then bolt it back up, beef it up and if its going too far forward add some metal flat metal to the stop. There should be a pretty stiff spring that holds it up from flopping on the ground.

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