Grimeca wheel bearings

Just picked up a motron that has, at a minimum, a destroyed rear wheel bearing. What exactly do I need to order? Can’t compare to the old....just bits inside the brake hub. I see there are sealed bearing conversion kits, I’m not opposed to going that route, but also not opposed to just replacing what was there.

16” grimeca mag wheels.

Found a wiki page, but apparently it was specific to the 17”?

Yes, the measurements don’t jive...axle bigger than inner bearing diameter??? Trying to hold tablet, calipers, and snap the pic


Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

The brake hub got pretty chewed up. Is that something than can still be used after some grinding/smoothing, or is it trash now?

Also, where will it tell me the model of the engine? It says minerelli on the side, just not sure what model


Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Minarelli....excuse me. If it’s still wrong, then screw you autocorrect.

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Minarelli V1. Best damn motor ever made. ( Opinions may vary )

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Never seen a motron top tank before? Looks more like a safari or something

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Never mind it does look like a motron frame with a top tank added.

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Yup, aftermarket tank. Ugly in the pic, worse in person.

Just want it rolling so I can get it running. Then I’ll decide what I want done with it

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Bearings should have their size stamped on the edge of the outer race .

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Richard Eberline /

Tom the dishwasher built that wheel. Sealed bearing on one side, the wrong axle and the whole inside is damaged or worn out. The brake plate will never lay flat. Most likely a sealed bearing on one side and ball bearings on the other. your call

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

If I go sealed bearing conversion, do I go 35mm x 12mm and not use the cups, or still use cups and get whatever size these bearings are, but in a sealed variety?


Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Richard Eberline /

remove cup, read up on sealed bearing conversion. will need spacers

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

I'm confused... on the axle you posted there's a loose bearing crown but the wheel bearings pictured in the wheel are sealed bearings?

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

> Nick MBC Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I'm confused... on the axle you posted there's a loose bearing crown but

> the wheel bearings pictured in the wheel are sealed bearings?

Yes, I was a bit confused too. Bearing cups on both sides, sealed (open) bearing on the sprocket side and I have no idea what on brake side...just bits and shavings now. There were loose bearing crowns on both sides. Maybe that’s why it went out??

Ordered a 12mm axle, regular and thin nuts, and some sealed bearings. Hopefully I have no problems doing a sealed bearing conversion. Wiki articles look easy enough.

Re: Grimeca wheel bearings

Finally got the parts and the time to work on this. Got one bearing seated, then measured the inner-wheel spacing from the back of that bearing to the base of the opposite bearing seat.

Cut a chunk of pipe that made contact with only the inner bearing race (sp?)

Then seated the other bearing and sat the brake hub on to get the measurement for that spacer. You don’t see it, but I also installed new brake pads....someone said brakes are important....sounds like bullshit though.


Re: Grimeca wheel bearings


Then I installed the wheel (kinda) and got measurements for the needed spacers that go between brake hub and swing arm, and sprocket and swing arm. Don’t forget to take into account the thin nut size. And in my case, I also used a shim on each side.


Everything all together!

It isn’t gonna stay this way though. PO has some turd of a wheel lock...wheel adjustment bracket...whatever the he’ll it’s just doesn’t work right.

So, I need a new one of those but I need to see if this thing will run first. I’m sure plenty of other parts will need to be ordered too.

Now, for the disclaimer....I really don’t know what I’m doing. I tried to follow some other write-ups and use some common sense. If anyone has anything constructive to say, please do. Don’t be a dick just to be a dick...I get that at work.

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