Hobbit freewheel wobble?

Putting new tube on a hobbit rear tire, and I see the break pads have very uneven wear on them. The rear brakes have always sucked on this thing, new pads, cleaning, nothing helps. After I reinstall wheel/tranny on bike and I spin the pedals the chain is tightening and loosening a wee bit. Could the freewheel be bent or damaged or could the uneven wear on the brake pads outside edge be from the shaft being bent?

Re: Hobbit freewheel wobble?

I think anyone who has ever struggled to get the freewheel off has bent their shaft a bit, pretty sure all 3 of mine have that wobble.

Re: Hobbit freewheel wobble?

The trick to getting freewheeled off is find a close 12 point socket then hammer it onto the freewheel nut assembly then impact off. No bendy bendy. I found some standard socket almost fit perfect

If you want hobbit brakes great do this.

1. Cut slits in the pads.

2. Rough up pads and drum with sandpaper

3. When tightening the rear 4 bolts, engage the brake during tightening to center everything.

4. Use a thick scooter cable

Re: Hobbit freewheel wobble?

Yeah Ive fought with it before to get it off. This last time I removed the wheel assembly before loosening the freewheel and placed it freewheel nut side down in a table vice and turned it off using the tire worked great. I’ll try cutting slits in the pads but I’ll get pics of the pads when I do to show the weird wear on it.

Re: Hobbit freewheel wobble?

What is the purpose of cutting slits into the pads?

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