1980 Honda Express Stator...how to test?

Jason Majernik /

Does anyone know how to test this stator? I want to see if it’s still good. Don’t know if I can test it off the bike with a multimeter? I swapped this out for a new one thinking my spark issues were related to the stator but after messing with the bike and the new stator, I’m sure my problems were likely a bad condenser and or coil. I swapped out both stator and coil/condenser at the same time and it fixed my spark issue, but now I’m thinking this thing is still good. I know it could find a new home, but I don’t want to sell a dud. Lesson learned is to do one thing at a time. That said, this guy would be better served in a new home than in a box in my garage. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Again, I’d like to test it off the bike. The points could be bad and I really don’t feel like dealing with putting it back on a bike to try to figure that all out.



Re: 1980 Honda Express Stator...how to test?

its just a long wire, if theres no physical damage and you have continuity from ene to end it should be fine, and make sure its not grounding out to the plate, but technically theres probably some resistance measurement.

Re: 1980 Honda Express Stator...how to test?

Jason Majernik /

Thank you! Appreciate the response I tested all the wires to the base plate and there was continuity to all the wires (0.7 resistance to the white wire). On the black and white wire, which goes to the points to the coil/condenser, there was continuity, but opening the points didn’t change that. I would have expected it to change based on the points opening and closing. Should I expect that?

Should I be testing from the ends of the yellow, white and black/white to the base plate? Based on what you’re saying, maybe I’m checking it wrong and I should test from where the yellow and white come out of the copper coils on the stator.

Clearly, I kinda suck at this so forgive me if these sounds like stupid questions.

Re: 1980 Honda Express Stator...how to test?

hmm, you might take a look at the wiring diagram in the wiki, lots of times the lighting and ignition coil are grounded to the plate thereby to each other...take everthing apart and test individually. Coils are most likely good unless damaged. Id suspect, points, coil/coil wire, end cap, plug gap, fouled plug, kill switch, grounds, etc. befor f up internal coil, especially on a honda.

Re: 1980 Honda Express Stator...how to test?

Jason Majernik /

Thank you! I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no way to know for sure unless it gets put back on, but I think you’re right that the issue was definitely someplace else, and that there’s really nothing wrong with this other than the points possibly.

Again, thanks for responding.

Re: 1980 Honda Express Stator...how to test?

my 1980 honda express was running fine ! just letting it warm up one day it just died.

I checked for spark with plug grounded to head no spark, then with new plug ,to eliminate a fouled plug, still no spark.Put a jumper wire from coil black/white stripe

to engine black/white to bypass switches still no fire.Next i tested 3 wires that came out of engine case with a small light grounded to engine .white wire produced light ,yellow light produced light however the black/white stripe wire did not .i"m concluding my stator for ignition is bad. Myrons mopeds probably has part does anyone know of other sources also any know about converting to eliminate points

im see some kits for sale has any one tried that ?

Re: 1980 Honda Express Stator...how to test?

Jack Rutherford /

You can get a stator, flywheel and cdi from an 81-83 express and install those.

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