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So I just switched over a 2 wire system on a kick start engine to a 3 wire. Red blue and black wire. What is the bare minimum I need to make spark? This came from a engine that was running a few years ago. Just removed because it had noisy bearings. Just want to get spark. Dont care about switches at the moment.

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Red to positive on coil, blue to frame ground, black to nothing, ground wire from negative on coil to frame. (edited)

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Yeah that's what I tried. Red to coil, blue to ground on coil. Coil is grounded to frame. Still got nothin. Gonna try another ignition I have

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Can't test the components , individually ?

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Richard Eberline /

Blue to a good frame ground no paint, HT ignition coil needs a clean mounting base and a frame ground wire. Clean your points.

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Blue to frame, not to coil. And run a ground wire from the neg coil to the frame, don't count on the coil grounding itself.

If you have no spark still, try hooking up an external condenser (condenser wire to positive on coil, ground the body to the frame.)

One thing I'm not sure about, is the cam on the crank.

My V1 KS doorstop I got from treats had the Bosch two wire ignition and a stub plane crank. Both were beyond repair, so I replaced the crank with a tapered one, and the ignition with the cev.

Maybe the cam lobe on the stub plane is different and matches the Bosch? I dunno... (edited)

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Yeah it had a bosch flywheel and ducati plate? The crank is same as the tapered v1. The key on the crank had seen better days but the flywheel still slid on and was aligned. Gonna toss another definitely know working in and see if it works. Just want to get her going stock before I toss one of my polini setups on it. I also just found a nos minarelli crank in a box so may just do a complete rebuild.

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But is the lobe on the magneto in the same place, that's what I was wondering. Like, do the points open at the same spot.

I'm assuming they would, but I guess it would depend on the stator placement, like are the points in the same place on both stators.

I don't have mine handy to look at it, so I'm just trying to confuse you.

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Yeah same thing. I used the three wire stator and flywheel from same setup. Points open at top dead

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Ok, good to know. I swapped the crank and ignition with mine, So i never checked, but for some dumb reason it kept sticking in my head that the timing might be screwed up.

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