Trac 85 liberty LS

Riley Brigham /

I bought this as a pandemic project, as it does not run, and ive hit a block. i need to rewire it but i have no clue what all I need to successfully do that. I know i need a new CDI box and a new battery. I couldnt get any spark so i bought a new spark plug wire and boot but i havent replaced them yet. In addition i cannot find the right petcock so any info on that would be appreciated.

Re: Trac 85 liberty LS

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Re: Trac 85 liberty LS

measure it, the petcock I though was a pretty standard 14 but maybe not?

for spark I always tryn work back, does it have power outta the stator to the box? power to the coil? power outta the coil? You can do stuff like taking the boot off and checking spark direct from the wire to a ground

Also chuck up a 3/8 driver and spin the flywheel with a drill to make testing quick and easy.

I've got a spark issue right now but it's points, seems like the points are bent and just arcing. not related to you but every problems gonna be different - if you can troubleshoot it piecewise you can locate which parts the trouble - like fif there's no power to the coil, a new coil isnt gonna help..

Re: Trac 85 liberty LS

Riley Brigham /

I jury rigged the petcock but its not a long term solution. I juat want to know itll start, then keep working on it.

I bought a wire harnes and hooked everything up right but I still can't get spark. Im thinking it could be the stator. If Its not, i have no clue what to do. The only other thing I could think of would be it being wired wrong but that the colors are easy to follow so that shouldn't be an issue.

I also replaced the cdi, but still no spark. (edited)

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