Vespa Grande CDI wiring diagram?

Is there a wiring diagram for a vespa cdi. i purchased the

but it came with no info and i am electronically stupid. Anyone use this set up? ive got a grande with w/o signals. i see that the red/white/green all have hook up tabs on the cdi box but then what? i swear i tried searching the site and wiki to no avail.

thanks all

Re: Vespa Grande CDI wiring diagram?

I've got a Ciao that wired up with that cdi.


Re: Vespa Grande CDI wiring diagram?

Joe- do you know what the light coil wires are? I assume yellow to lights, brown to ground, blue to brake lights or?

Re: Vespa Grande CDI wiring diagram?

That is a tough one. I was going to direct you to the Myrons Motors page but the Grande's are all listed with blinkers. This Ciao has red green and white wires coming from the larger opening in the engine coming from the coils. There is also the standard red out put for head light and horn (I believe the blue come from the head light/break switches to the brake light. Standard ground wire attached to engine.

Heres Myrons page, maybe some non blinker wires are the same as with blinkers.

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