Quick wiring question Piaggio Ciao

Greetings! A quick wiring question... There are three wires coming out of the engine I'm going to drop into a Ciao I'm restoring (two black, and one red). It's a little different from another Ciao I have. Here is a picture 1. the longer black (female) wire goes to the coil, the shorter black (male) is a kill switch and the red plug is lighting.

Thanks for any confirmation or correction, thank you!


Re: Quick wiring question Piaggio Ciao

Power to coil is the same wire from ignition coil to points to condenser to external coil and...to kill switch.

Power to lights is thru that case terminal dodad.

That leaves ext ignition ground which it looks like you have but...its not blue, its not white like it is off your ignition coil ground side but it is black in your left hand. Did you do this?

Re: Quick wiring question Piaggio Ciao

No, I bought a rebuilt engine. Your questions made me go back and look deeper:

Shorter male connector black - is actually the blue - see below, so blue is the external ignition ground?


Re: Quick wiring question Piaggio Ciao

Look up the wiring diagram, yes, blue is normally the ext ig ground.

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