1978 piaggio bravo

Francesca Custodio /

bought a 1978 bravo have gotten it to run, had to clean carb which was really really bad .

it starts easy but take about 3 to 4 times to get it to run also have to play with choke once it starts till warm. and won’t idle have to keep feathering hand throttle. any thoughts? re clean carb again ? re build kit ?

new carb? or is there something else i’m missing.

thanks in advance

Re: 1978 piaggio bravo

Clean it again . Pay close attention to the idle circuit . It has to be pristine .

Re: 1978 piaggio bravo

Dirty carbs often need multiple cleanings, fresh fuel and inline fuel filter. Theres a small hole that PD talking about under your throttle slide.

Re: 1978 piaggio bravo

Dirty30 Dillon /

It could also be a number of other issues unrelated. Bad seals, airleak at carb or gasket surface, clogged pipe, weak ignition

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