my moped doesn't start hercules

oprisa eduard /

hello, i have an old hercules moped the engine is sachs 505 1/b. recently i dissasamble it because my crankshaft starts squeaking and blocking. what i need to do to stop this?

Re: my moped doesn't start hercules

Rebuild, follow the e50 tutorials in the wiki, the Sachs is different but the basic premise is the same

Be careful not to damage the washers and shims on the crank.

Replace the bearings and seals.

Also maybe 1st, be sure its not something easier like something wrong in the clutch, or possibly a coil on the ignition rubbing the flywheel

Re: my moped doesn't start hercules

♣Slew Foot♣ /

It has a safety switch the taillight has a return to the magneto it's usually blue or blue black it has low watt hard to find 2w and 3w taillights or may have a resistor block. If it's not right it won't start also the taillight ground return wire and magneto return out grounded to frame and have a redundant. and frame to engine ground it has rubber mounts. If it turns over when you try starting it the pivot pin in the clutch can be tighter slightly if it is worn a little.

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