Suzuki FA50 running lean...?

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Hey there,

I recently purchased an 84' FA50. starts pretty easily, I replaced the spark plug. otherwise its all original. Only issue is it only seems to idle with the choke fully on (when it first gets started). is this normal? once I take it for a burn around the block (5 mins or so) it will idle but still feels like the RPM's are very low. Looks like it may be running lean? I guess that leads me to the next question. whats my first step? Most things i've read seem to suggest that the carb needs to be cleaned. But could it be something as simple as the mixture screw needing to be adjusted? Anyone cleaned a carb on one of these? I'd like to do it, but I can't find an FA50 specific guide online anywhere...

Re: Suzuki FA50 running lean...?

Sounds just right to me . Folks ask me if it runs while they stand in front of it and it's sitting there idling .

What makes you think it's running lean ?

Set the carb exactly to what the manual says , if the machine is fully original , with the factory air filter in place .

Here's a PDF Service manual . Download and make it your best friend .

Here's the Owner's Manual :

Here's the parts fiche and a good place to order OEM : (edited)

Re: Suzuki FA50 running lean...?

josh sczebel /

thanks for this!

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