Suzuki fa 50 stopped running

I use the scooter on a daily basis, and I fell off of it yesterday. It was running fine after the fall but halfway home from work it completely stopped running. There's still compression, oil, and gas were topped up before I left the house. Any ideas on what it could be?

(I know this isn't alot of information to go on but anything helps, feel free to ask questions, also I bought the scooter off of a friend and the year of the scooter is unknown.)

Re: Suzuki fa 50 stopped running

Hmm , maybe an electrical connection got knocked loose during the crash and finally separated after running a bit .

Maybe junk in the carb bowl got disturbed and ended clogging the jets .

Just guessing .

Was the bike visibly hurt during the fall ?

Re: Suzuki fa 50 stopped running

The front fender came loose but I temporarily fixed it with zip ties. It's been through alot I've been fixing it up for months.

Re: Suzuki fa 50 stopped running

It's been trying to start the lights turn on for like a second and then it just stops. This was after I refilled the transmission fluid as it was pretty low.

Re: Suzuki fa 50 stopped running

In that case , I'd pull the carb and give it a thorough cleaning . The circuits have to be pristine . Spray brake cleaner through and be sure it comes out where it's supposed to .

After that , if nothing has changed , running-wise , I'd check all electrical connections , including grounding points , for being tight , like scratch tight and clean . While doing that , check continuities of wires . (edited)

Re: Suzuki fa 50 stopped running

You have two off switches, I believe--one on the handlebar and one at the key switch, right? Make sure both are still working--do you have a volt/ohm meter?

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