Suzuki fa 50 unknown tube

So, I've been trying to get my moped running again and I found a loose tube and don't know if it's supposed to be connected to something.

There's still compression, gas, oil, and transmission fluid. Starts for like a second (sometimes) then dies out


Re: Suzuki fa 50 unknown tube

Where does the other end of that tube go ?

I don't see any air filter . It will never run right without an OEM type filter .

If it has run without a filter for long , the motor internals may have been damaged .

Re: Suzuki fa 50 unknown tube

It runs up into the gas and oil area where it connects from there I have no idea. As for the air filter I don't know how long it's been running without one. I got the moped from a family member.

Re: Suzuki fa 50 unknown tube

Maybe see if that family member has the air filter assembly somewhere .

The filter assembly is still available from Suzuki :

Re: Suzuki fa 50 unknown tube

That bike has two fuel lines coming from the gas tank to the petcock, so make sure you know which ones are the gas lines--usually larger in size than the others. One line comes out of the petcock and goes to the carburetor. There is also a vacuum line that runs from the carburetor to the petcock--thinner in diameter. Next is the line from your oil tank to the oil pump, then another line from the pump to either the intake or the engine case--I had an FZ50, so not sure where your oil is injected. Lastly are a few drain lines--one for overflow from the carburetor and one is a vent line for your battery. See what you find and post an update. I hated the petcock on my bike so I changed it. Also swapped out the carburetor for a Dellorto SHA. Some guys hate that idea, but it worked really well for me

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