Piaggio ciao weak spark

Good morning all, I am trying to get my Ciao started but I have a weak spark. When spinning with a drill, I got it to start once but the RPMs required were way higher than what you’d achieve pedaling. In diagnosing, gas is getting to the plug, new Dellorto carb see pic, new air box, compression at over 100 lbs, but weak spark. This is my spark tester and it should be much brighter, it is brighter on my other Ciao.

Could the feeding coil for the HT coil be bad, the ohms checked out on the bench. Could the magnets be shot on the flywheel? Light is working. Grounds?

Thanks in advance!!!


Re: Piaggio ciao weak spark

Replying to my own post, spark is strong, shockingly, at high rpm, no spark at low rpm


Re: Piaggio ciao weak spark

Check that the stator coils are as close to the flywheel magnets as possible without touching . loosen the mounting screws for each coil and push outward while tightening . If that's too much , cut a piece of plastic from a milk jug and place that between the coil ends and the magnets while tightening the screws . Should be just right . ;)

Re: Piaggio ciao weak spark

Will do and report back!

Re: Piaggio ciao weak spark

I’ve still not resolved the issue but I wanted to give a quick update. I found a nasty wire so those were replaced, I fought weak and no spark until I saw the flywheel burned through one of my repairs, twice ... now I have medium strength spark (4-5mm jump in the air), but will be replacing the points when I get them in the mail. Looking carefully they are not seating against each other flat, they are only touching in one small spot. I tried to flatten them but no luck.

I thought I saw a parts cross reference to points from a VW that would work and could be found at a local auto parts? Does anybody have a part number perhaps?

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