Newb with Tire Questions and sizes


I am trying to take advantage of the treatsland sale thats going on now. I have a dirtbike that is similar to a moped (Suzuki K11) and want to put on some new tires. They are out of the whitewall 2.5 and only have the 2.75 and 2.25, what would the crowd recommend? I know its a newb question, but i figure its better to ask before blowing cash on tires i cant use.

Re: Newb with Tire Questions and sizes

i dont think i'd call those a dirtbike. and if it was a dirtbike, i'm not sure whitewalls makes sense,

but if you can fit a 2.5 chances are pretty good it'd fit the 2.75, and bigger pretty much always looks better.

Re: Newb with Tire Questions and sizes

classic carl jepsen /

I recommend bigger tires. Several reasons. The load carrying capacity of a tire is roughly proportional to the amount of air in it - bigger tire will carry more load. The ability of a tire to shed heat caused by rolling under load is proportional to the size of the tire - the surface area goes up with the square of the volume. A bigger tire gets over bumps easier - grocery cart casters would hang up in expansion joints. A centipede vehicle going over a steep hump would put almost all the load on just the few tires on top of the hump.

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